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Yoga transformed my life when I discovered it in 2016. I quickly became an enthusiastic yogi, initially preferring a more energetic asana practice such as ashtanga or vinyasa flow. Over time, and via the wisdom of some amazing teachers, I learnt to embrace less intense asana practice and to explore the other seven limbs of yoga in much greater depth.


In 2024 I completed my 300 hr YTT, with the hope that I can help others to make positive changes through compassionate and meaningful practice. I am incredibly grateful to the various teachers who guided (and continue to guide) me - in particular Teresa and Kevin Dennison, Karen Hadgett and Matt Ryan. 


"Practice. All is coming

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Yoga and Meditation for Schools

I offer both yoga and meditation practice (and a combination of the two) for young people with and without additional/ special educational needs. I've also worked with young people experiencing mental health difficulties, learning and physical disabilities and young children. Get in touch to find out more

The Foundations of Yoga (Class)

Sometimes, for many reasons, we can find our selves in a rut or we can even lose sight of the path completely. My Foundations of Yoga class is intended to help those who want to reconnect with or deepen their practice by exploring (or revisiting) the key elements of asana (posture), pranayama (breath) and dhyana (meditation) whilst reflecting on philosophical concepts and ideas.

This class usually lasts 90 minutes and is held fairly frequently across Greater Manchester (and sometimes beyond). You can find the details and book onto my next Foundations of Yoga classes via the list below

The Foundations of Yoga (4 Week Course)

Through eight 90 minute classes (two per week) we will lay the foundations of your own practice, looking in depth at key elements of the eight limbs of yoga. This course is intended for those new to yoga or who wish to deepen your understanding and experience beyond just a physical practice. I respectfully ask that you commit to attend the full course. A Foundations of Yoga class is the best option for those who require more flexibility.

See you on the mat?

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